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Hi! My name is Stephanie and I have been a Chiropractic Assistant for over 25 years. Way back in 1999 I started an email list on Yahoo Groups specifically for CAs. I was wondering if anyone here may be a CA or has friends or family members who are CAs and would be interested in joining our group.

It is the original and largest forum created primarily for Chiropractic Assistants. Over the years our list has become THE place for information on billing, coding, practice growth and management, and patient education.

This forum is designed by CA's for CA's to discuss professional issues, debate problems that arise, share experiences, ask questions, and exchange ideas. It is also a place to meet and learn from others in the field.

All CAs are welcome to join, as well as others employed in the Chiropractic field. In addition to Chiropractic Assistants, our members include Doctors of Chiropractic, massage therapists, professional billers, chiropractic consultants, and leaders in the field of Chiropractic. Collectively, our five moderators alone have over 100 years of experience in the chiropractic field, with contacts and information directly from the ACA as well as CMS (not to mention the years of experience and knowledge that comes from all our list members!). We go to great lengths to make sure the information you get here is 100% ACCURATE and UP-TO-DATE.

This list was created to be a warm, welcoming, friendly gathering of Chiropractic Assistants and others in the Chiropractic field. We talk shop a lot - and we get a lot of problems solved and a lot of questions answered. However, if you are looking for a list that is all business, this may not be the place for you. We do verge off-topic from time to time - this is allowed and encouraged. We know many CAs work in small offices and we designed the list to act as a 'break-room' of sorts as well as an informational site.

We hope to see you on the CA list!

Click to join ChiroAssistants

Click to join ChiroAssistants

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